Renee Willis Freed & On Fire

So a  weeks ago I worked with Renee Willis of “Freed & On Fire”

She was a complete ball of energy and my energy became even higher just being around her. I seriously loved being able to bounce creative  ideas off one another to get the flow of the story we both wanted from her images.

We thought something business like but with a work out twist and then went from there to being open and free.

How many times did I look at this fire ball that day and wonder why she has come into my life… and not just as a client. She has run into my life to make me see my connection with people is real and important.

For this I would like to thank you Renee for being a part of my creative work and my life.

Red Forever!


{lots of love}


Renée is passionate about finding the energizing sweet spot where joy
intersects with transformation. With Red, it’s all about the smile.

Rockin’ Every Dream

Her professional credentials. Achieving her B.A at Memorial University in St. John’s.
Newfoundland, Renée gained her Masters of Science in Education (M.S.Ed.) in the U.S.A.
As a qualified teacher, her specialty is child and adolescent development. As an
International Life Design Coach, Renée is aligned with the International Coaching
Federation and the Coaching Alliance Association. As a Body Transformation Coach,
Renée is a Poliquin Certified Bio-Signature Practitioner, specializing in nutrition, and a
Certified Personal Trainer. She brings her talents to the world through her private practice,
360º Elite, and through Bayridge Coaching, a multi-disciplinary coaching practice. Renée
is also a widely recommended keynote speaker and writer in educational, association and
media environments.

If your interested in finding out more about her please go check her out here…

1922 s 1947 s 1962 s 1969 s 1988 s 2005 s 2014 s 2068 s 2080 s 2103 s2177sall shades of red s


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