Nathan and Judy

Well … this session started out as another Tattooed Man session.  LOL I said started as one. Nathan’s amazing wife came along with him for his session and by the end of my time with him we were able to talk Judy into posing with him… ok really it didn’t take much for her to jump off the stool she was sitting on and get right in there with her man.. LOL I loved her willingness  sooooooooooooooooooo much!!!

So not only was I blessed to have this crazy cool laid back Mr in my photos but his amazing Mrs bringing more sass, confidence and love into the rest of the shots we got!

I think that love in any size or color is beautiful but being able to be part of some soft tender moments between two people really into each other is something I will never get tired of!!

I want all that take the time to look at this blog to keep everything positive and see only love!!


Thank you again you two for making my day and letting me photograph you!! Much Love


{lots of love}


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