Back to Life

So a about three weeks ago tomorrow I had bariatric surgery. I’m not going to make this blog about that but I will put up a few updates sometimes. My surgery went great I was outta the hospital quickly. Now I’m just trying to eat right and stay healthy and get my ass back to work.

I have plans for a few creative shoots I’m really excited about as well coming up!!

So here are a few photo from surgery to now.


{lots of love}


IMG_7568 IMG_7573 IMG_7577 IMG_7640 IMG_7618 IMG_7626 IMG_7631 IMG_7674 IMG_7689 IMG_7935 IMG_8037[1] IMG_8052[1]


4 thoughts on “Back to Life

  1. Keep it up girl. I am sooo here for you. I couldnt eat steak for like 7 months, chew chew chew … follow everything the doc says. You will go down soooo fast!!! love you.

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